Rent your BTC

Rent your BTC and earn fees every week thanks to Sirio's CT Rental Packages. High performance for your BTC rental.


Sirio CT

You can rent your Bitcoins to Sirio COMPLIANCE TRUST, from 0.05 BTC to a maximum of 10 BTC, obtaining daily payments up to 2%. The rental agreement is for 1 year. Sirio COMPLIANCE TRUST will become the owner of the amount rented once you receive 3 times (300%) the value of the BTC of your package.


Sirio CT Services


Sirio Compliance Trust has developed several strategies to obtain profitability of rented BTCs

Rent your Bitcoin

Rent Bitcoins, we use them to get profitably by paying rental payments on a daily basis


Different cryptocurrency arbitration techniques, cryptocurrency mining, trading with Bitcoin CFDs.

Deposite, Control, Earn, Innovate

A unique opportunity to boost your bitcoins by renting them.

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