Staking SICT

Earn rewards for owning and maintaining SICT, which works similar to how interest works on a fixed term.


The Sirio CT Model

The SirioCT token is present in all the projects in which Sirio participates, being used as a token of access and payment of bonuses of the different referral plans, such as token payment of fees and transactions, or as payment token for products and services, which guarantees the usability of the token and its value in the market.

Holders of a SICT Staking Pack will be able to obtain benefits by increasing both the number of tokens as well as its revaluation.


Examples of companies using SICT


Composed of a P2P exchange, a network of physical cryptocurrency trading venues, a DEFI bank and a fundraising program for humanitarian projects.


Development, distribution and promotion of video games and digital assets for sale through mobile applications and web environments.

The Pet Cook

E-commerces and retail stores, both offline and online, for the distribution of pet food.

Referral Plan

The objective of this REFERRED program is to motivate participants so that from of their positive experiences invite third parties to participate in the creation of value of the SICT token by contracting the Staking Packs that Sirio CT makes available to you, thus contributing to the business growth and expansion, and getting rewarded for it.

It is an essential condition to be able to obtain the benefits of this program to accept all the terms and conditions that govern it and to be the holder of an active Staking Pack.

Referral Plan